Enhance Your Marketing with QPuzzles’ Professional Puzzle Artwork and Video Content

Are you looking to give your marketing a boost with quality puzzle images and production videos? We’ve got just the thing for you!

At QPuzzles, we’ve received numerous requests from our valued contributors and wholesalers for high-quality images and video materials to better showcase their beautiful puzzles in their own marketing. The importance of effective marketing, especially for those new to it, is quality content and so we’ve developed our services to support you in this journey.

We appreciate many of our valued partners may be new to marketing, and QPuzzles aim to offer professional and supportive services to help you shine in your promotional efforts.

Elevate Your Puzzle Marketing with Professional Artwork Sets

Today, high-quality visuals are crucial for effective marketing. That’s why we’ve developed our Professional Artwork Sets, designed to help you showcase your puzzles in the best possible light. Whether you’re looking to enhance your website, create eye-catching social media posts, or develop compelling marketing materials, our artwork sets are an invaluable resource.

These sets are perfect for:

Website Display: Use these images to create a visually appealing online store that highlights the quality and beauty of your puzzles.
Social Media Posts: Share professional images that engage your audience and draw attention to your unique puzzle designs.
Promotional Materials: Enhance brochures, flyers, and other marketing collateral with high-quality visuals that captivate potential customers.
Retail Presentations: Impress retailers and wholesalers with stunning images that reflect the craftsmanship and detail of your puzzles.


Our artwork sets include three professionally rendered image bundles for just $10 each (per puzzle), ensuring you have versatile and high-quality content available at an affordable price.

We offer this as our specialised artwork services, designed to enhance marketing.

What's in a bundle?

For a fee of just $10 per image (per puzzle), we provide a set of three professionally rendered images:

1. Puzzle Box Render: An image featuring your artwork as an actual puzzle box - includes your label as it is.
2. Puzzle Image: An image of your artwork with the actual puzzle die cuts we use.
3. Combined Image: An image showcasing both the puzzle and the puzzle box together, complete with your label on the box.

Your images are available and provided to you in a Dropbox folder.

While QPuzzles is in the process of optimising our own website, we want to enhance every contributor's puzzles and completely update the content on our website. Along with professional optimised copy, these images support your puzzle product, ensuring your puzzles are optimised for search engines.

As you can see, our marketing materials look professional and demonstrate the high quality of your puzzles. You can use these images on your website and in your promotional campaigns, offering a visually appealing and trustworthy representation of your products.

Bring Your Puzzle Production to Life: Video Content for Marketing

With today's social platforms preferring engaging video content, we believe this can make all the difference in your marketing efforts. That’s why we offer high-quality, micro 4K video clips that showcase your puzzles in the making. These very short, captivating videos—ranging from 3 to 20 seconds—highlight every step of our production process, transforming your artwork, photographs, or illustrations into beautiful puzzles, in video format.

These video clips are perfect for:

Social Media Engagement: Share short, eye-catching videos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube to captivate your audience and boost engagement.

Website Enhancement: Add dynamic video content to your website, giving visitors an inside look at the craftsmanship and care that goes into creating each puzzle.

Promotional Campaigns: Use these videos in email marketing, digital ads, or presentations to provide a compelling visual story of your puzzle production process.

Customer Interaction: Engage your customers by showing them the behind-the-scenes magic, from the initial artwork to the final puzzle pieces and detailed close-ups.

With our short form (4K) micro video content taken, you can also create a powerful and professional visual narrative that resonates with your audience and highlights the meticulous process and quality of QPuzzles manufacturing. Let us help you bring your puzzle production to life and elevate your marketing with stunning, high-definition video content. 

Puzzle Marketing with Professional Artwork Sets and Engaging Video Content

In addition to artwork, we are now offering video content services to further boost your marketing efforts. This is not an editing service, just micro videography.


If you have a large order coming through, we can capture footage of your puzzles being made at no extra cost. Not taking individual puzzles, but there will be a selection of content coordinated to your order.

For specific puzzles you wish to highlight, we provide a selection of 4K footage at a fee of $50 each of the puzzle footage (5 micro videos from 3-20 seconds). This content includes various stages of the puzzle-making process, allowing you to create engaging videos for your marketing needs.

While we provide the raw footage, you have the freedom to edit and tailor these videos to fit your unique marketing style. We do not provide video editing.

Additionally, with your permission, we are creating reels and marketing content for our own social media channels, and are tagging your social media accounts, allowing you to share this content with your audiences. Keep a look out for our tags and collaboration invitations.

Collaborative Marketing Support

Our marketing manager is always on hand to assist you with any marketing queries or needs. We understand the challenges of creating effective marketing content, and we are here to help you. Whether you need additional information or guidance, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our goal is to ensure you have all the support necessary to successfully promote your puzzles, through your own channels. 

By taking advantage of our professional artwork and video content services, you can elevate your marketing efforts and present your puzzles in the best possible light. We look forward to helping you achieve your marketing goals and celebrating the success of your unique and beautiful puzzle products. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Ashe at marketing@qpuzzle.com.au. We are always happy to help and support your marketing journey.

NOTE: We offer a small time allowance (max 15 minutes) to quickly hear your ideas or support your needs.