Dear Puzzle Enthusiast

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting the home of quality QPuzzle jigsaws. You are viewing a product that practices our company ethos of: Quality, Authenticity, Sustainability and Made in Australia.
Each QPuzzle is manufactured right here at our factory on the Gold Coast in South-East Queensland, Australia and the QPuzzle mission is to manufacture every piece to the highest of international standards.

Our Motto: Rebuilding Australia Piece by Piece
We are proud to say that we’ve checked all the boxes making us one of the most environmentally friendly and responsible jigsaw puzzle manufacturers in the world. Components used in the manufacture of our jigsaws including puzzle-boards, papers, inks, and glues are all certified with one or more “Green, Eco, Earth friendly, Food Safe and/ or Toy Safe” certifications.


It is important to us to ensure that anyone handling our puzzles, especially children, are not handling carcinogenic or toxic materials that are regularly found in many other similar products.



At QPuzzles we treasure our company’s reputation for service, quality and care, so much so, that we offer you, our customers, a full replacement on this jigsaw puzzle should there be a problem. Whether it be a missing piece, manufacturing fault or any other quality shortcoming, you are assured that we will rectify or replace your product as soon as the issue is brought to our attention.
We are sure that you will have many hours of enjoyment completing your chosen puzzle, be it by yourself, with friends, family or loved ones. Remember that there are many more puzzles to choose from on our website at as well as new designs loading regularly too.
We encourage you to join our free VIP QClub Membership at to receive the latest news from QPuzzles. We act with integrity and will not spam you, only inform you once a month about new puzzle releases, jigsaw specials, discounted offers, puzzle competitions and more. So please join us, free… it’s worth it!

Yours Kindly
Jaime Dormer, Company Director
QPuzzles Pty Ltd