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At QPuzzles, we’re proud to be Australia’s largest puzzle manufacturer, right here on the Gold Coast. Our puzzles are widely sourced and feature the unique work of local photographers, artists, and illustrators, turning their stunning images into high-quality, eco-friendly jigsaw puzzle products. We’re reaching out to talented individuals to join our Contributor Program, offering you the chance to expand your art or photographs into puzzles, coasters, and soon, placemats.

More Than Just a Puzzle Manufacturer

The QPuzzles team are also professional working photographers, artists, digital experts, which makes us more than just a puzzle company – we're part of the community dedicated to celebrating the beauty of Australian artistry and we all love the magic of puzzling.

Our website features the stunning work of our and other local photographers, Australian artists, Indigenous artists, digital artists, bringing unique and captivating images to homes across the country in the form of puzzles.

If you feel called, we invite you to apply to join our Contributor Program and be part of our mission to create sustainable, eco-friendly puzzles that showcase the best of Australian talent.

Why Join the QPuzzles Contributor Program?

As a QPuzzles contributor, you get to share your art with a broader audience, transforming your creations into quality jigsaw puzzle products that delight and engage people of all ages.

Our puzzles are made with quality recyclable materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. By joining our program, you’ll not only showcase your work through our marketing campaigns, social media, and online presence but also contribute to a greener future.

Karen Mackenzie’s Success Story

Take inspiration from bird artist, Karen Mackenzie, one of our contributor artists, who has successfully integrated her vibrant bird artwork into the puzzle medium. With her online store, gallery, and stockists, Karen has achieved significant milestones. Her puzzles are in high demand and loved by all. She introduces new art for puzzles regularly and orders larger quantities each time. Including our marketing efforts, combined with her own, we have helped Karen grow her business and reach new heights. Her story demonstrates the potential of our Contributor Program.

What We Offer:

  • Generous Commissions: Earn commissions for every puzzle sold featuring your artwork.
  • Full Copyright Retention: You keep full copyright of your artwork.
  • Non-Exclusive Licence: Provide QPuzzles with a non-exclusive licence to produce and sell puzzles with your artwork.
  • Professional Wholesaler Partnership: Start as a wholesaler, buying your puzzles from QPuzzles and selling them in your galleries, stores, and stockists with a full white-label product, including your own designed box.
  • Automated Notifications: Get automatic email notifications for every sale.
  • Monthly Payments: Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal.
  • Contributor Licence Agreement: All arrangements are documented with a Contributor Licence Agreement, ensuring transparency.
  • Website Link: We’ll link back to your website on our Contributors page, enhancing your online presence.
  • Weekly Marketing: We promote our contributors every week across seven social media channels and through email campaigns, boosting your visibility and puzzle sales for commissions. 

Supporting Artists with Custom Puzzle Products

Our contributors not only sell puzzles in their own galleries, stores, and stockists, but also benefit from QPuzzles showcasing their art on our website. This allows more customers to see and purchase their art as puzzles. Every sale made through our website earns the contributor artist a 30% commission. This partnership helps artists expand their offerings with high-quality, Australian-made puzzles, coasters, and soon, placemats. It’s a win-win for artists looking to grow their business and reach a wider audience and expand their product range. 

Contributor Vetting Process

As our contributor partnerships are in high demand, we have a strong contributor vetting process, which includes a minimum of 6 months of strong wholesale and/or drop-ship purchasing. If you'd like more information and prices, get in touch with Nicole at

If you successfully become a contributor, it is a very beneficial and easy arrangement for both the licensee & licensor. QPuzzles does all the advertising, delivery, and processing for sales of your designs through our website. We also notify you automatically of any sales via the vendor sales app we use, and commissions are paid directly to your PayPal account monthly. Commissions are 30% of the sale price.

How It Works

Joining our Contributor Program is simple. Visit our Contributor Program page for detailed information and to submit your application. Once approved, your work will be featured in our puzzle collection with your own page, and you’ll receive royalties for each puzzle sold. We handle production and distribution, allowing you to focus on creating beautiful art.

Expanding Together

Our Contributor Program helps us grow together. As we expand, so does our global reach, increasing marketing potential for our contributors. We support and promote our contributors continuously, ensuring their work is seen by audiences worldwide 

Join Us Today!

Ready to share your art with the world? Visit our Contributor Program page to learn more and apply. We can’t wait to see your creativity shine through our puzzles!

At QPuzzles, we believe in the power of art to inspire, heal, and connect. Join us in creating beautiful, sustainable puzzles that bring joy to homes everywhere. Your art could be the next piece of our puzzle.