Photographer: Jaime Dormer becomes a QPuzzles Contributor QPuzzles

Jaime Dormer is an Australian Professional Photographer located in Ashmore, South East Queensland,  Jaime specialises in landscape & travel photography, his work has been published by various sporting, lifestyle & interest magazines, reports, brochures & newspapers as well as community & commercial websites.

Over the years Jaime has gain industry recognition with numerous Australian & International awards as well as having photo stock in the National Geographic Archives. He has a very successful photography business and sells his limited & open edition images through his website, please feel free to browse and recommend, I look forward to meeting you, cheers.

Whilst I enjoy all kinds of photography I prefer to specialise in landscapes, photographing all of the colours of nature early in the mornings and late into the evenings is a challenge that must be met if you want to get the scenes that people will respond too. It is often said that the hardest thing about landscape photography is getting out of bed!.