Artist: Lionel Phillips becomes a QPuzzles Contributor QPuzzles

A local Aboriginal Elder turned painter some 35 years ago, Lionel's work has been exhibited here in Australia as well as many over-seas locations. Each and every piece of art comes with its own unique story and explanation of individual sections of the art. 

My name is Lionel Phillips I am an aboriginal from Australia. I come from a small country town in the central west of new south wales. I am from the aboriginal tribe called Warradjerri. I've been painting for 20 years plus. I have had great success in selling my paintings all over the world. I have had exhibitions in the USA, England, Australia, Germany and Holland which were all successful. My art is acrylic paints on canvas. My paintings all have stories and an explanation on what all the little symbols mean. All the experiences I have had with my tribe reflect on my paintings.