Artist: Polly Wilson becomes a QPuzzles Contributor QPuzzles

I am a proud Gamilaraay Weilwan woman and was born and raised on Gamilaraay country northwest NSW, along with my brother. I was raised in the small town of Wee Waa. I am a mum of 4, 2 girls 2 boys and we currently live in WA, whilst I'm following my art journey.   

I paint to deepen my connection to my culture and to release thoughts that words cannot convey. I have had an inner calling to paint for quite some time but never had the courage. Through the general course of life’s tragedies and struggles, I desperately needed an outlet to release these emotions and stresses, so I finally asked my cousin to show me where to start, and since that day I haven’t stopped.

Art has been the therapy that my spirit needed. I paint using my contemporary take on traditional art, channelled from my ancestors, and using personal experiences. and life lessons. -  Linda "Polly" Wilson.

Here are some examples of her work: