The Tricoloured Trio - Crimson Chats (Landscape)


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FINALIST in the Holmes Acquisitive Prize for Excellence in Realistic Australian Bird Art 2021.  If you Google "crimson chat paintings" it becomes apparent that surprisingly, there aren't many paintings of this lovely bird. No doubt they are very hard to photograph in the wild as they are lightning fast and very tiny. My model was a captive bird in a local aviary. Flitting around like a tiny ruby jewel, I knew immediately he was due for immortalisation in an artwork!

Painted perched on the rugged beauty of a bottlebrush, I wanted to contrast the brilliant red splashes of plumage against the complimentary opposite of green. For such a fabulous tricoloured bird, it was only fitting to paint three of them!   The Australian chats form a distinctive group within the honeyeater family Meliphagidae. Widespread in dry shrubby habitats across much of the interior of Australia.


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