The Secret Garden (Landscape)


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When Covid 19 hit the news in early 2020 and changed our lives forever I dived back into my art studio and squeezed brightly coloured paints out of their tubes onto a large pallet not really knowing what I was about to be guided to create.   My dry brushes were dancing with joy as I dipped them into freshly mixed tones of Mother Earth.  I began to sketch out the only view I had from my window for the next several months.  My peace, my serenity, my hope that this was just a dream.

Although I have been a practicing artist for forty years, I knew this next collection of artworks were going to be epic.  Locked Down, Locked In and cut off from what I loved most and that was being a free spirit on every level, body mind and soul. My creative mind kept me going at a time I felt that the world was going to end.
The Secret Garden was born and painted on a large canvas over two metres of lush green leaves. Garden spirits appeared in the background without notice. Old souls and ancient flying insects such as the dragon fly swooped in to encourage me to dive into my emotions and as my spirit guides to soared around me.


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