The 303 Bar Adelaide River (Landscape)


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Adelaide River is steep in WW2 history and the naming of the '303 BAR' reflects this history. The 303 rifle being the weapon of choice by the Australian Army in WW2. The "303 BAR" is located in the main building directly behind the PUMA service station along with the reception desk and adjoins the 'DIGGERS BISTRO". The "303 BAR" is no fancy cocktail bar; it is an old style country pub with a lot of history, charisma and charm. There is cold beer on tap, bottled spirits, beer and mixed drinks in stubbies or cans plus soft drink.

Within the building you will find pictures and memorabilia of the pub’s and town’s history. “Charlie” the buffalo made famous as the buffalo Mick Dundee (Paul Hogan) hypnotizes to the ground in the movie Crocodile Dundee can be found standing proudly at one end of the bar. “Charlie” was an Adelaide River resident until sadly passing away in the year 2000 of old age; he is fondly remembered by NT locals, travellers and movie buffs alike.

Outside the doors of the '303 BAR" is a 100 seat undercover, outside dining and relaxing area, further out is a large grassed and tree shaded beer garden a great place to sit and relax while the children play on the lawn surroundings.


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