Red Tail Feathers (Landscape)


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Red Tail Feathers - Art by Tia Carrigan

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the red tail black cockatoos with our “Red Tail Feathers” puzzle, featuring an exquisite artwork by the talented Tia Carrigan, also known as “This Bird.” This beautiful piece showcases the story of these majestic birds through their striking tail feathers, set against a backdrop that evokes their graceful movement and unique markings.

A story told by the majestic red tail black cockatoos through their tail feathers, with a backdrop of graceful movement, mark making emulating their striking markings. Tia Carrigan

The artwork features an array of red tail feathers meticulously illustrated to highlight their intricate patterns and vivid colours. The abstract background, filled with dynamic lines and bold hues, complements the feathers, creating a visual symphony that is both mesmerising and evocative. Tia’s distinctive style brings these elements together, capturing the essence and spirit of the red tail black cockatoos.

Tia Carrigan, the creative mind behind This Bird Florist and Creative Studio, has established a flourishing business in the Noosa Hinterland town of Pomona since 2017. Known for her vibrant art, art-printed gifts, and stunning floral arrangements, Tia’s work is celebrated for its quality, colour, and ‘wow’ factor. Her passion for excellent customer service, community engagement, and creating joy extends to her painting and mural work, making her a beloved local artist.

Tia’s artistic journey spans various disciplines, from fashion and textiles to graphic design, floristry, painting, and murals. Her contemporary style emphasises abstract patterns and embodies movement and freedom. Inspired by nature, birds, mental health, and self-awareness, Tia’s vivid, bold approach to art evokes passion and leaves a lasting impression.

At QPuzzles, we are committed to producing premium-quality puzzles that are environmentally responsible. “Red Tail Feathers” is crafted from recyclable and eco-friendly materials, ensuring your enjoyment is sustainable and kind to the planet. Our production processes adhere to strict environmental standards, making each puzzle piece both enjoyable and eco-conscious.

Designed to provide both a challenging and rewarding experience, our puzzles are perfect for enthusiasts of all ages. The precision-cut pieces of “Red Tail Feathers” fit together seamlessly, showcasing the high standards of quality that QPuzzles is known for. Whether you’re an experienced puzzler or new to the hobby, this puzzle offers an engaging and immersive experience that connects you with the beauty of Australian wildlife.

Explore the captivating charm of “Red Tail Feathers” and enjoy the perfect blend of artistry, quality, and environmental consciousness that defines QPuzzles. This puzzle not only celebrates the unique beauty of the red tail black cockatoo feathers but also emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices for future generations.

Learn more about Tia Carrigan and her vibrant artwork on her This Bird website.

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