Rainforest River (Round)


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This rainforest is an ecosystem all of its own and the artist has brought us here to enjoy all the richness of this secluded haven with his superb camera work. There is no shade of green missed in this lush vegetation, creeping vines, sprawling branches and dappled leaves bath the scene in iridescent light. Dip your toes into the crystal shallows of the cool flowing current, a welcome break from the temperate rainforest. Let the refreshing waters that sparkle and shine in the brief slices of sunlight breaking through the high canopies revive your senses.

With so much life and vibrancy everywhere you look, you most certainly can hear the rich sounds of the wildlife over the rushing waters at your feet.  Colourful fliting birds, a playful possum, lazy lizards, countless beetles and bugs making their home in the tropical undergrowth. Stretched across your view at eye level lies a fallen limb, making it so hard to resist your inner acrobat, challenging you to walk across.


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