Rainbow Serpent & The Two Goannas (Landscape)


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Long ago there was a big drought and there was no water anywhere, the two goannas came across a big water hole with water in it. They were so happy as they were very thirsty, when the two goannas drank as much water as they could they laid on the bank of the water hole so full they couldn't move. Whilst this was happening the rainbow serpent was watching the two goannas. He knew he couldn't attack the goannas before they drank the water as they would be lightning fast. So the rainbow serpent waited till they were full of water and couldn't move and then he struck, killing them both as they couldn't fight because they were too full of water. Now the rainbow serpent owns the water hole and shares it with every living thing so everything has water.

The big yellow wiggly circle with circle dots inside is the water hole. The big black wiggly circle with circle dots inside them is the desert.


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