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A must for all puzzle lovers! Our puzzle storage mat helps you with all your storage and sorting needs. It's made of a soft material, perfect to use for kids and adults!

Keep your puzzle and pieces safe. Simply roll the mat out and start your jigsaw puzzle. Then to store it, just roll the mat around the outside of the storage tube, leaving your incomplete puzzle flat on the mat with the loose puzzle pieces for safekeeping.

Easily store your puzzles away and keep them safe for later use without them moving around! Secure the mat with the straps provided to keep your puzzle in place for next time. It's the perfect storage solution for puzzles of up to 2000 pieces!

Easy to use, so you can Play, Roll, & Store!


  • 120cm x 80cm Felt Puzzle Mat
  • Extendable Telescopic Tube Roll
  • 3 Self-Gripping Straps

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