Panacea, Sunflower Goddess of Healing (Square)


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Panacea was a goddess of healing by way of curative medicines. Her name gives us the word Panacea, which refers to a cure for all diseases.

She was said to carry magic potions across the fields which she used to heal people struck down with illnesses and particular mysterious diseases unknown.

This name was offered to me via a lovely friend named Christina who has lived through many storms in her life and has taught herself to be strong, courageous and mighty when life throws her another curved ball.

Panacea was painted and produced to raise funds and awareness for Cancer Council Queensland event at the Kalbar Flower Festival amongst 8 acres of glorious beaming sunflowers based at Scenic Rim Flower Farm.

We all need support in stormy times, just like the sunflower needs the rain to moisten their roots and the magnificent sunshine to lighten and brighten each delicate yellow petal as they grow tall and strong while they are fully supported by their thick healthy green stem.

We are all sunflowers!

Tracie Worth is donating 10% of every puzzle sold to Cancer Council QLD.

SKILL LEVEL:  Medium, designed for the person that likes a challenge, but does not want to be too challeng

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