Moulin Rouge (Round)


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The appearance of the Moulin Rouge (Red Windmill) was instantly recognisable amidst the other buildings in the neighbourhood. It remains so today. A windmill with large rotating vanes painted entirely in red was decorated with the figures of a miller and his wife, who appeared to exchange knowing glances. Within, the place embodied all the glamour and decadence of the Belle Epoque in the City of Light. The walls were hung with mirrors reflecting the light of huge chandeliers suspended from the ceiling. Behind the building was a formal garden to enjoy on sunny days, dominated by a colossal model elephant left over from the Universal Exhibition of 1889. A belly dancer inside the animal proved a real head turner for diners. The extravagant décor, sprung from the fevered imagination of the French artist Adolphe Willette, was utterly unlike anything else. Nowhere could match the Moulin Rouge


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