Mitchell Falls - Kimberley (Portrait)


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Experiencing the majestic Mitchell Falls in the Kimberley was nothing short of extraordinary. The thrill of flying over these iconic falls, with their tiered cascades, was a visual feast. The rugged Kimberley landscape stretched beneath us as we marvelled at the vivid contrast between the red rock formations and the lush, verdant pockets of wilderness.

Upon landing, we embarked on a hike around the falls, feeling the cool mist and hearing the roar of the water as it tumbled down the ancient rock. The sheer scale of the falls, the emerald plunge pools, and the surrounding wilderness painted a mesmerizing picture of nature's grandeur.

The Mitchell Falls offered not just a glimpse but an immersive journey into the heart of the Kimberley, a memory etched in our minds as a testament to the raw beauty of Australia's outback.


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