Giant Cod Fish (Landscape)


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Many years ago our tribe was running out of food as there was a great drought and food was hard to get, so all the hunters went out to get food but the hunters come back with nothing.  Our elders (Wise Man) called on our great hunter “Wangarra”, he is only called on if the other hunters fail, so he went out hunting and came across a big waterhole and saw a big fish jump out of the water hole, Wangarra thought to himself if I kill this fish it will give food for my tribe for many days, so Wangarra made a big spear and jus when the giant Cod Fish jumped out of the water Wangarra speared the giant Codfish in the belly, he speared him so hard that he pushed the giant Codfish into a river and opened her belly and thousands of baby Codfish came gushing out.  Now there would be lots of food for many years and the giant codfish was never seen again.  In our tribe today there are thousands of codfish in the river, that’s how the codfish got into the river. 


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