My Country - Galah (Landscape)


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Found throughout most of the Australian continent, the beautiful Galah is a very common sight. We tend to overlook the beauty in the common and "everyday" species, but I couldn't wait to paint one of these truly Australian characters, since pink is one of my favourite colours! (Pink is a rare colour in bird plumage).

Titled "My Country" because only in Australia can you see a scene like this. Across this vast land live species found nowhere else on Earth; the opportunistic Galah being one example. I never tire of painting gum leaves; curled bark wrapped around bone-white branches and the indefinable shades of gum trees. With the exception of the sky, the background is entirely brushed in: even individual blades of grass!

New techniques are being developed with every painting. It's a lifelong journey of learning and self-discovery. There comes a point in every painting where my enthusiasm starts to "flag" and I wonder at my sanity of undertaking such a mammoth task. Although towards the home stretch my energy is once again rejuvinated!


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