Our Beautiful Home - Crimson Rosellas (Panorama)


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Crimson Rosellas are now considered to be the same species as the Adelaide and Yellow Rosellas. All have the characteristic "blue cheeks". The glorious Crimson Rosella is common where I live. The deep rich velvet red is a delight to paint, and overseas visitors never fail to be impressed by such a stunning bird. We are spoiled for choice in Australia!

Completed in 2004, this work took 138 hours to complete, and was my first attempt at painting a whole forest of gum trees!   It was a private commission from a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, who happened to love Crimson Rosellas! It now resides in Minnesota, USA.

SKILL LEVEL:  Medium, designed for the person that likes a challenge, but does not want to be too challenged.

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