Courtship - Superb Fairy-wrens (Landscape)


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Common and familiar across south-eastern Australia, the Superb Fairy-wren is one of our most loved species.

I decided to place this pair among the blossoms of a crab apple, because not only are the pink flowers a beautiful compliment the male's blue and black regalia, but painting flowers is a welcome change to the "usual" gum leaves. Sometimes it's lovely to incorporate a new colour into a painting. In this case, lots of Permanent Rose!

As with all paintings, there are challenges to overcome. The wren and blossom reference photos were taken on separate locations and days. I had to ensure the lighting of both the wrens and blossoms was consistent and that the size of bird to blossom was correct. 

Six subspecies are currently recognised. I've depicted subspecies "cyanochlamys", the most widespread of the subspecies.  

This painting took 91.5 hours to complete.  


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