Surrender - Caught On A Clifftop


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Chapter 10: Surrender - Caught On A Clifftop

But those men kept on running, they were not aware of thousands of SNOOS as they took to the air. Screeching their SNOO cries as onwards they flew. Finding four thousand five hundred and two. Now something was happening that made them look back. They looked. What they saw was the Sky turning Black!

As thousands of wingtips covered the sun. With fear in their hearts now they started to run. They were scared as they ran now. SNOO cries filled the air! They dropped the SNOOCHICK now, but they didn’t care. They were scared and were frightened, and they ran very fast. But SNOOS are like lightning! Those men couldn’t last.

And as quick as a flash the SNOOS captured that pair, and before those men knew it they were up in the air. Being flown to the hall of the GRANDDADDY SNOO. An angry old SNOOKING, now what would he do? They had done the wrong thing, and now waited ‘till late. They only could wonder. What would be their fate?


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