A Cry For Help - Telepathy


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Chapter 9:  A Cry For Help - Telepathy

So said the King of the King of all Birds. And all of the SNOOS followed Granddaddy’s words They sent out the thoughts: and the Chick sent one back! Saying, “I’m hurt, and I’m frightened, and I’m stuffed in a sack I’m scared, and I’m lonely, but I know where we are. We’re just near the Crystals! It’s not very far”. But those men kept on running with that poor little Chick, and what she was going through would make you feel sick.

But although she was scared, and quite sick in the heart, she sent out her mind thoughts as sharp as a dart, and the Parent SNOOS heard this telepathy too, saying, “We know where you are, and we’re coming for you. Don’t you be frightened young SNOO ‘cause you’re small. Who hassles just one SNOO, hassles us all. We all stick together. It’s how the SNOOS are. And we get our own back, from near, or from far. And to those who would stop us, we give this advice: Don’t mess with the SNOOS, ‘cause it’s NOT VERY NICE!”.  

But those men were not SNOOS, and they couldn’t read minds, with their heads full of thoughts of the negative kinds, and they couldn’t have heard the mind thoughts of the King, when HE said to them, “STOP! It’s a really bad thing. Don’t mess with children. Don’t even try! If the SNOOS should get angry, then feathers will fly!”


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