Kidnapped - The Nest


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Chapter 6: Kidnapped - The Nest

They looked, and discovered, way off in the west; the one place on Earth, where the SNOO, builds its nest. The nest was quite high, made of bricks and of sticks, and sitting inside it were eight baby chicks. Fluffy young SNOOCHICKS, all one metre tall, all cute and all cuddly, like a big feather ball.

Well up to the nest went that thieving pair, and they snatched a CHICK that was standing there. They stuffed that chick into a bag, and to stop her squawking, used a Gag! The chick cried out, but no one heard, and off they ran with that baby bird. They ran all that night, and they ran the next day, and they ran ‘till they thought they were “safely away”. But what those men forgot, or they never knew, is that SNOOS all love their children too!


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