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Chapter 5: At the Museum - “POOH! POOH!”

A Museum Professor said, “Za, proof is quite clear. There were DINASNOOAURS, before birds were found here. But you say they exist? What, alive? Here today? Hahl The ideas absurd! Think we’re dumb? Go away!” And he called them both liars and both dreamers as well; because of the SNOO story they tried to tell. So laughed at, and rubbished, they had to leave town.

Go back to the place where the SNOOS were around, and then try to catch one, to catch a great SNOO, in order to prove that the legend was true. It seems they’d forgotten The Legends words. “Never try to catch these birds! Whatever else you try to do, never try to catch a SNOO!”

But they sailed back to the land of the SNOOS, thinking of capture, and what they might use. They knew that to catch one was dangerous work, and they knew that they’d run if the bird went berserk, but they had to have proof, and it couldn’t be, “maybe”. So, the only thing left, was to steal a SNOO BABY!


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