Rejection - Called Liars & Dreamers


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Chapter 4: Rejection - Called Liars & Dreamers

But when the Explorer and the Expert returned, they found, that by people, they mostly were spumed.  And no one believed them. They said, “It’s not true! That bird is a lie! It was made up by you. “It isn’t” said Archie, “We saw with our eyes! We looked up quite shocked at the bird, and its size! “Definitely!” said Reggie.

“We know what we saw. It looked down at us and it let out this ROAR!” “RUBBISH”, said someone, “What kind of a ROAR?” and Archie said, “Nothing that you’ve heard before. Of all of the sounds that you probably fear, A SNOO when its angry? You don’t want to hear!” But they said, “We’re not scared of a bird that’s a lie. We think that your “SNOO”, is a “PIE in the SKY”!


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