Searching - They Look The World Over


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Chapter 2: Searching - They Look The World Over

So off they went to face the test, Searching North and South, then East, and West. They looked to left, they looked to the right, they looked in the day, and they looked in the night. They looked for the colours, supposed to be bright but never a glimpse of a SNOO, did they sight. They put out some food just to use it as bait, but no-where a SNOO... And they waited ‘till late.

They looked under logs that were big and were round, and they looked in the trees and in holes in the ground. But they’d searched the world over, and not one had they found. Reggie said ‘’I wonder why, when I can catch, all things that fly, it doesn’t matter what I do, I cannot seem to find a SNOO.

Even Archie the Expert, who was famous as well, had never got near one, not even a smell. But now he was saying ‘’I think I know why the SNOOS can just vanish in the blink of an eye! SNOOS can just vanish before you can blink, because the SNOOS have telepathy! They know what we think!


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