QPuzzles partnership with The Australian Parliament House National Showcase

In an inspiring collaboration that speaks volumes about the quality and sustainability of Australian-made products, QPuzzles has proudly become a part of the Australian Parliament House (APH) National Showcase. This partnership not only highlights our dedication to preserving and promoting Australian heritage but also underscores the importance of supporting local industries and sustainable practices.

The Parliament House Puzzle

At the heart of the Parliament Shop's new collection is the Parliament House puzzle, an intricate portrayal of one of the nation’s most iconic landmarks. Each puzzle is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that the grandeur and significance of Parliament House are vividly captured. This isn't just a puzzle; it's an educational tool that brings Australian political history to life, allowing individuals and families alike to piece together the story of their country's governance. It’s a tactile way to explore the architectural splendor and historical depth of Parliament House, making it a perfect keepsake that reflects a deep respect for our cultural landmarks.

Celebrating The Australian Parliament Building's 30 Year Anniversary with LEGO® Models

2018 marked the 30th anniversary of the Australian Parliament House Building, an occasion commemorated by none other than Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught, who was commissioned to build a LEGO® scale model of this architectural marvel and the inner workings of the Senate and House of Representatives chambers.

Celebrating this milestone with photographs of the LEGO® models, The Parliament Shop sought to use two images for a series of engaging puzzles of the LEGO® models. Each puzzle invites puzzle enthusiasts to delve into the micro-world of Parliament House, recreated in LEGO® form, offering a unique activity that captures the iconic architecture and vibrant activity in the senate, appreciating Australia's legislative process.

A Commitment to the Australian Made Campaign and Sustainability

These puzzles are a testament to the strengths of the Australian Made Campaign. By purchasing these products, customers are directly supporting the local economy and the artisans who continue to uphold the high standards of Australian craftsmanship. Furthermore, QPuzzles' commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of production, from eco-friendly materials and processes to the durability and educational value of the final product.

Invited into the APH National Showcase, this opportunity was not just a business step for QPuzzles; it was a chance to demonstrate how Australian businesses can lead by example in the global marketplace, promoting both cultural heritage and sustainable practices. Through these puzzles, we are part of Australia’s history, crafted with care and respect for our environment, QPuzzles are ensuring that each puzzle not only tells the story but does so in a way that can be proud of for generations to come.

The inclusion of our puzzles in the Australian Parliament House Shop is a vivid inclusion of what it means to be ‘Australian Made’ and recognised. It's about quality, sustainability, and a celebration of our rich heritage. As we continue to contribute to this narrative, we invite everyone to explore these puzzles, each a small but significant part of the larger story of Australia.