TradeStart & Gold Coast City Council advisors, Erin & Andrew, with Jaime, James, & Phil, discussing Export

Embarking on a Global Quest with Australian-made Puzzles

At QPuzzles, we're embarking on an exhilarating adventure beyond our shores, taking our distinctly Australian puzzles to the global stage. This week, we had the honour of meeting with Gold Coast City Council's TradeStart Advisor Erin Bowen and Business and Investment Attraction Officer, Andrew Hutchinson. This strategic discussion delved into our manufacturing prowess and global export aspirations. Read more about how QPuzzles is poised to make a significant step in export trade and expansion with our eco-friendly Australian-made puzzles.

The Spirit of the Gold Coast in Every Puzzle

Our puzzles aren't just kid’s games; they're part of many stories told piece by piece, celebrating the spirit of artists, photographers, Indigenous artists, digital designers, from across Australia. With every interlocking part, customers experience the exceptional quality and uniqueness that QPuzzles stands for.

QPuzzle's directors, Jaime Dormer and Phillip Malouf, and staff extend our heartfelt thanks to Erin and Andrew for their time and dedication to helping QPuzzles chart a new course for growth.

Sustainably Made for Global Impact

We believe that sustainability goes together with quality. That's why our puzzles are crafted from forestry-certified materials, utilising water-based inks that are kinder to our planet. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices is not just a selling point; it's a reflection of our broader goal to contribute positively to environmental sustainability worldwide.

Advancing with State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Our plant is a hub of innovation, equipped with cutting-edge HP flatbed printers and a robust 500-ton press machine – a nod to our dedication to combining traditional puzzle-making with modern technology. Every 60 seconds, three new puzzles are born, ready to challenge minds and spark joy across continents.

From Local Job Creation to Economic Development

As we expand into international markets, our roots remain firmly planted in the local soil. Our growth translates into more jobs, skill development, and economic prosperity for the Gold Coast community. We're not just exporting puzzles; we're promoting Australian talent and local business, boosting the region's economy, and championing Australian manufacturing.

Pioneering Australian Creativity: Our Vision for the Future

Our path to export isn't walked alone. We're committed to discussions with experts and officials to garner support for our global aspirations. From export assistance to networking opportunities, we're setting the stage for QPuzzles to become synonymous with Australian creativity on the world map.

Our leap into international trade is a cultural exchange, a commitment to sustainable practices, and a celebration of Australian ingenuity. We invite you to be part of our story as we piece together a global presence, one puzzle at a time.


As QPuzzles embarks on a journey of expansion with our authentically Australian-made puzzles, we not only celebrate the intrinsic joy and cognitive benefits of puzzle entertainment but also personify the vibrant creativity, economic resilience, and commitment to sustainability that drive us. We are dedicated to transforming our vision for international trade into a tangible reality, one puzzle at a time.

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Picture: Phillip Malouf, Andrew Hutchinson, James Dormer, Erin Bowen, Jaime Dormer in the QPuzzles factory, Ashmore, Gold Coast, Australia