Federal Member for Moncrieff, Angie Bell MP's Visit to QPuzzles

At QPuzzles, every piece tells a story. So when Angie Bell MP, the Federal Member for Moncrieff, QLD, came to our humble factory interested in learning about the creation of The Australian Parliament’s brand-new puzzles, it was a momentous occasion we couldn't wait to share. 

Our small business nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast had the privilege of hosting both Angie Bell MP and Channel Nine News, Gold Coast. We highlighted our collaboration with the Australian Parliament in creating puzzles, along with our dedication to crafting puzzles that celebrate Australia's diverse landscape, fauna, and flora. Proudly supporting the Australian art community and embraced by corporate businesses, our endeavours reflect our shared appreciation for Australian life, its natural beauty in landscape, heritage and creativity.

As Jaime Dormer, Directory of QPuzzles, lead Angie Bell MP through the manufacturing process, our story unfolded – from our humble beginnings a photographers, the Covid standstill impacting normal life, to our role as trusted manufacturers dedicated to promoting eco-friendly product awareness and Australian made products.

As we shared our story with Angie Bell MP and Channel Nine News, the importance of our sustainability statement became evident and new export opportunities reiterated the model of our business - a quality product that creates memories. 

But beyond the cameras and the headlines, Angie Bell MP's visit was a symbol of something greater – a testament to the power of connection, collaboration, and collective purpose. In her visit, we found a champion for small businesses like ours, a voice that amplifies our story and a friend in our mission to inspire and educate through the joy of puzzling.

As a Gold Coast-based business, born amidst the challenges of COVID-19, we've embraced the ethos of eco-consciousness and Australian pride in our puzzle-product making journey. Angie Bell MP's visit renewed our sense of purpose. A journey, illuminated by our commitment to crafting puzzles that celebrate Australia’s beauty burns brighter than ever.

 As we reflect on Angie Bell MP's visit at QPuzzles, we are reminded of the power of our local business community, the importance of an Australian Made quality and sustainable product, and the joy that comes from embracing Australian creative products for the world. Building Australia Piece by Piece.