Photographer: Simon Stokes becomes a QPuzzles Contributor QPuzzles

Simon Stokes was once a farm boy who took the well-trodden track to a city boarding school in Perth from his parents’ sheep and grain property south of Collie in Western Australia’s South West. 

On his father’s side, he has strong links with the Murchison station country in the Midwest of Western Australia and his mother’s family were long-time owners of the Mumbullup pub near Collie. 

Prior to entering graphic design, Simon got to see a huge swag of Western Australia whilst working with Elders Pastoral, an animal health company based in Geraldton. 

Simon studied graphic design at Curtin University where he was introduced to the wonderful world of photography. From that time he has had a camera attached to his hip.

After all these years of photographing country Western Australia, and other places as well, he has been pressured to put some of his images up so others can also enjoy them.

Here are a few examples of Simon's work that are available as puzzles on our website.

Mitchell Falls - Kimberley (Portrait)

Mitchell Falls - Kimberly (Portrait)


Old Jetty, Hamelin Bay - Augusta (Portrait)

Old Jetty, Hamelin Bay - Augusta (Portrait)