Artist: Karen McKenzie becomes a QPuzzles Contributor! QPuzzles
Karen McKenzie has been working as an artist full-time for the past 10 Years. Based in South West Victoria Karen's passion is to create cheerful depictions of her local surroundings and further afield that can then be transformed into a quality souvenir for the local tourism industry. Her idea came about whilst traveling through Alaska many years ago, and not being able to find any locally made souvenirs to return home with as a momento of the adventure.

Now, Karen's artwork can be found at a number of locations along the Great Ocean Road near her home, and through to country SA where Karen was born and raised. Pre Covid Karen would travel to the Adelaide Hills to work throughout the year, whilst visiting family but alas, these days Karens is just happy to paint from her home studio in the small country town of Mailors Flat near Warrnambool, Victoria.

Karen paints in acrylic and ink whilst also working in resin. A partnership with QPuzzles is perfect to convert her happy images into high-quality jigsaw puzzles to stock on shelves throughout the Australian tourism industry.

Here are some examples of her work, that's available as jigsaw puzzles!