Craig's Hut Sunrise,VIC Ceramic Coaster


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STORY:   Bathed in the early morning daylight the highland plains of Australia's Snowy River country lies steeped in history and legend.  Before us this iconic setting of the famous mountain cattleman's home, the weathered hut sits proudly perched on the mountain side as sturdy today as the days Craig with his mountain bred horses dwelt here himself.

The thin crisp mountain air pure and sweet fills our lungs, the cool morning still fresh with dew on the grass.  A peaceful place where only nature can be heard and it's beauty seen in sweeping 360 degree views of Aussie alpine glory.   Not hard to imagine yourself stepping back in time to the days when Clancy roamed the sunlit plains and Banjo wrote about the visions splendid, it's easy to see where he got his inspiration, timeless and breathtaking. 

ARTIST:  Jaime Dormer 

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